We’re here to help…our portfolio has been designed so you can either simply choose a solution which meets your needs, or ask us to create a bespoke package for you. You can pay for our services an hour at a time, as and when you need us for troubleshooting or a particular project, or you can sign up for an ongoing package of support or coaching. Simply contact us for further details on any of the following:


Writing with Passion

When you need to say something important, a powerful letter, application or proposal can be vital in ensuring you are heard. Whether you need a letter to parents, alumni or businesses or a vital proposal to one person who could make all the difference to the future of your school, we can help. We can craft a letter for you, review your draft documents or spend some time coaching you in how to write your own effective communications to enable you to get you the results you need:

•    Letter writing and ghostwriting                    
•    Case for support creation
•    Annual fund design
•    Trust applications
•    Major gift & corporate proposals

Development in Action Experience

Sometimes, seeing is believing. If you’re new to development, looking for fresh inspiration or want to raise the sights of your leadership and show them just what can be achieved with a long term development strategy, then bring them for an immersive visit to The Royal Latin School to see development in action, including:

•    Half day visit to The Royal Latin School hosted by the Director of Development
•    Tour of recent capital project and preview of forthcoming projects
•    Hear how the Headteacher, students, parents & alumni view development at their school
•    Assessment of development objectives and opportunities in your own school

Leadership Coaching

Many fundraising and development professionals work alone or in very small teams, which can at times feel isolating.  A little collaboration and an independent, experienced voice can go a long way, and can help you to problem solve and encourage your leadership to innovate. We can meet with you and your leadership - whether staff, governors or trustees or volunteer fundraisers - to explore potential and help explain and refresh their understanding of the building blocks of development, including:

•    Capital campaign strategy
•    Major gift solicitation
•    The power of your network and leadership
•    The value of alumni relations and friendraising


Have you got a tricky development scenario to deal with? Or are you thinking about embarking on some development activities but just don’t know where to start? We’ll give you a chance to pick our brains, help you to find a solution and plan some practical steps to enable you to deliver it.