We’d love to share our passion for philanthropy, development and leadership with you, so if you’re looking to cultivate, grow and nurture, then contact us for details of our masterclasses:


Cultivate your own Philanthropy Tree

Imagine a school with philanthropy at the heart of its story.

Where philanthropy has a face, and a voice, and is inextricably woven into the fabric of everyday life. Where giving is overt not covert.  Where philanthropists have a clear role, bring tangible benefits, and have a seat at the table. Where legacy isn’t taboo, but is a word loaded with meaning and intent. 

We can help you to build a culture of philanthropy in your school, whatever your circumstances or challenges, show you how to create an inspiring philanthropic cycle. We can teach you how to find your future benefactors, how to nurture them for life, and how to ensure your philanthropy tree will thrive for generations to come.

•    Establishing a role for philanthropy in your school
•    Students as beneficiaries...and future benefactors
•    Major gift solicitation, recognition, and navigating anonymity
•    Familial giving, legacies and in memoriam tributes

Find Room to Grow

Are you ready to set some ambitious development goals?

Defining them isn’t always a straightforward process. All too often, big goals are agreed with little regard to the fundraising strategy needed to deliver them. Or worse still, fundraising campaigns are hatched with the best intentions, but without any clear purpose at their core. 

We can help you to define your development goals, show you how to distil them into a powerful and credible case for support, and how to articulate and share your stories in order to deliver your goals. We can share our model for campaign creation, and show you how it can be used to drive positive change in your organisation.

•    Using development goals to drive change
•    Creating a powerful case
•    Articulating your stories
•    Capital campaign components

Nurture your Leaders

We’re passionate about leadership.

Good leadership and good fundraising go hand in hand, and together create impact and outcomes which are far greater than the sum of the parts. 

We can show you how adopting a leadership led approach to fundraising sits at the heart of our development strategy, and teach you to do the same. We can take you through a process to help you to find out who your real leaders are, make it easier for you to spot leaders, inspire and coach leaders and ultimately unlock the true value of your leadership. 

•    Developing your own leadership style and potential
•    Working with volunteer leadership figures
•    Creating leaders in every part of your community